Planers in Turkey and Middle East

Planers are the tools which are used frequently while planning the thick boards and sheets having different width and thicknesses. The traditional planer was usually a manual tool, which was generally very difficult to use. They consumed a lot of time and energy during woodwork and made the task more difficult. But Felder group from Turkey has made the things easy by providing the Planer in Turkey and the Middle East.

The primary working mechanisms of these planers are straightforward and efficient to use. In these automatic planers machine, you have to adjust surface planning required width by using the adjusters. After that, you have to improve various other options like the depth of cutting and feed speed of the planer machine. Feed speed helps to move the board at the preferred and desired speed. All these factors determine the accuracy of your work.

Felder group is providing vast range models of planers machines. The most famous models are A951 L, A3 41A and Plan 51L and many others. These models have various characteristics and feature which may vary to each other depending upon their models. For example, in the case of surface planning, it starts from 410 mm to 510 mm. Similarly, the planer table length begins from 1800 mm to onwards. In these models, they have self-aligning cutter blades are available, the choice of spiral blade is also available which is optional and depends upon the user. The cutting depth of these models starts from 4mm to 8 mm.

As far as the benefits of these planers are the concern, they help to gain continues and high production by providing the permanent solution to various problems. The components of these machines are made up of high quality and standards that they produce minimum wear and tear problem,

which is usually a widespread problem in such types of devices. Mainly the upper tables are made of high quality cast iron, and these parts take very less changeover time.

Moreover, the designs of these machines are very safe, secure and user-friendly and they have won the various awards for their unique and exceptional design. As the models of these machines are made in such a way that they consume minimum space at the workplace. One of the great and distinctive features of these planer machines is that they are highly compatible with all type of compliance regulations and follow all kinds of safety manuals.

Another impressive option in these machines are based on silent based Austrian technology, which helps to reduces the noise of the spiral cutter half, as compared to the traditional device and it is CE + GS dust certified models.

So all these features as mentioned above and advantages make these machines unique and distinctive, as compare to other conventional planers machine. By using these planers machine, you are giving great value to your money, and it pays your investment back in the form of great result. So it is highly recommended to use this high tech, intelligent and value-adding to the found planners machine. By Felder group for Turkey and the Middle East.