North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has now conceded the election after a recount that took place this weekend in Durham County yielded no major gains:

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WITN – Governor Pat McCrory has conceded the close governor’s race.

McCrory congratulated Attorney General Roy Cooper in a video news release.

Paid volunteers resumed their work Monday at the Durham County elections board office to carry out an order to recount more than 90,000 ballots cast during early voting and on Election Day. By midmorning, only 10,000 ballots still had to be run through tabulation machines.

Partial Durham recount returns through Sunday showed little change in tallies for Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and Democratic challenger Roy Cooper. Unofficial statewide results have Cooper leading McCrory by about 10,250 votes. Representatives of McCrory and Cooper’s campaign team are observing the Durham count.

McCrory has said he won’t ask for a statewide recount if the Durham recount shows the same results.

So the Democratic slimeball Roy Cooper will be the next governor of North Carolina. I guess it’s not all bad because Republicans do control both the State House and the Senate by large majorities:

Senate Partisan Breakdown:
Democratic Party (16) Republican Party (34)

North Carolina House of Representatives elections:
House Partisan Breakdown: Democratic Party (45) Republican Party (74) Third Party (1)