I cannot tell you how much I love this video. But I’ll try. “Adam ruins everything” is one of those terrible manifestations of the worst aspects of the millennial generation – he blurs the facts and uses smug snarky language to persuade people that everything is stupid and millennials are smarter and better than everything ever.

But when he takes aim at the electoral college, he sets himself up to be an anemic one-finned fish in a barrel for someone like Steven Crowder to shoot them down. And he does so gloriously:

[embedded content]

This is why I like Crowder’s videos over the dreck that Tucker Carlson puts out. Crowder gives us some red meat rhetoric to enjoy, but he actually knows the principles and intellectual underpinnings of the brilliance of America, and uses that to shoot down a vapid, ignorant smug a-hole like Adam when he tries to undermine the founders. If Americans would listen to people who actually have read and understand the Federalist Papers, as opposed to those idiots who shout and yell comfortable memes and talking points, we’d be in a much better place now.

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