As you know Trump attacked Boeing this morning, tweeting ‘cancel the order’ on the new Air Force One order that Trump says will cost $4 billion, suggesting Boeing is ripping us off.

Well just wait until he sees this. He will go through the roof:

ST LOUIS POST DISPATCH – As a new American president bent on retaining American jobs prepares to take office, the Obama administration and the U.S. defense industry are working on a deal with the Indian government to build iconic U.S. combat aircraft in India.

In recent months, Lockheed Martin and Boeing have made proposals to the Indian government to manufacture fighter jets — the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the F/A-18 Super Hornet — in India as the country seeks to modernize its rapidly aging fleet of largely Russian-built airplanes.

In both cases, the aviation companies would be building production facilities in India; Lockheed Martin proposes to move its entire F-16 assembly line from Texas to India, making India the sole producer of the single-engine combat aircraft.

The U.S. military is phasing out the F-16 for its own use, but other countries remain as likely customers.

The proposals have the strong backing of the Obama administration, which has sought a closer connection with the Indian military in recent years. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said she was “optimistic” about the prospect of a deal after a visit to New Delhi in August, and Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter is set to return to India next week, with procurement high atop the list of discussion topics.

Moving American jobs to india? How dare Boeing and Lockheed! Trump should take over their companies to prevent this!

Oh wait….sorry, I got a little carried away. He actually should NOT do that. But can you see how this type of populist authoritarianism can lead to people agreeing with a fascist move like this? Gotta protect the American worker at all costs!

I should point out that this news was out there before Trump tweeted against Boeing this morning. So maybe he already saw it, but because Obama is backing the move to India, Trump can’t attack it yet so he takes a swipe at Boeing over their Air Force One order? Just throwing that out there.