Lefty economist Paul Krugman went on a mini-Twitter rant to defend liberal elites and their arrogant condescension from the barbaric hordes of slack-jawed flyover yokels that are set to overrun the White House this January.

Surprisingly, he came off as an arrogant liberal elite!!

Yes, really.

No mention of all the left-wing socialist schemes that have failed for a century and sent the debt skyrocketing huh? OK.

Yeah, they’ve been on the worker’s side by telling them they’re on the worker’s side and doing absolutely nothing for them. But liberalism just can’t fail according to Krugman!! It just can’t be the fault of their policies – the blame HAS to lie in the slack-jawed yokels!

OK, he kinda has a point here, but the Dems’ candidate laughed about actively taking away the coal jobs in order to please nutcase environmentalists, while the Republican candidate promised to keep coal strong to appease the voters. Guess who won?

But that’s all appetizer – here’s the main dish of stupidity served up hot and ready for ya:

He’s trying to make it sound like all Republicans hate “New York Values” when it was Cruz who used that against Trump, and the Donald WON!! This whole tirade is being made against Trump’s supporters, but his example of mean rhetoric is one that was used against TRUMP!! What a tool.

Wait wait wait… he’s literally saying that there has never been an “actual politician” that uses dismissive remarks about “flyover country” in political discourse?! Are you SERIOUS?!

What an incredible moron.

The incredible moron continues:

Does he seriously define “intellectualism” as “trying to solve problems”?! That is just amazing. Apparently no one in the vast region between Los Angeles and New York City ever go out and try to solve problems. I did not know that.

There’s no mention of the curious pattern of liberals’ “solutions” to our problems all involving their power over our lives increasing. Nah, that’s not why we reject these despots, it’s because we don’t want to “solve problems.”

This is just a nice way to sneak in the tired old liberal accusation screaming “raaacism!!” at everything. But Trump was able to flip many counties that voted for Obama in previous elections. That doesn’t mean they were the exact same voters, but it’s still absurd to think that the Dems’ problems come down to racism in America.

Poor Krugman. He’s like a totalitarian without peons to oppress, whining that no one wants him to order their lives around. What a moran.

But I hope they keep this up. The less they learn from this cataclysmic defeat the more of them they’re going to experience in the future!!