mike huckabee

Nancy Pelosi released a statement today blasting Carson as the nominee for HUD Secretary, calling him a ‘disturbingly unqualified choice’:

Several hours later Huckabee shot back at Pelosi on twitter, asking her if she was just racist or dumb:

So living in government housing as a kid makes one qualified to be HUD Secretary? Is that the standard?

By that logic, traveling to other countries makes one qualified to be Secretary of State. And serving in the Military makes one qualified to be Defense Secretary. And I could go on….

On the other hand, perhaps being an expert pediatric brain surgeon with decades in the medical profession would go a long way toward making one qualified to be HHS Secretary.

I know this country’s best interest isn’t on the top of Pelosi’s list and I’d never use the language she used or describe it as she did. But even the awesomely conservative Amanda Carpenter knows Pelosi isn’t all wrong here:

While I do like the idea of having a non-politician in a position like this, it does look like patronage as Carpenter suggests.

But hey if Carson is qualified, the perhaps they should tell us HOW instead of resorting to ridiculous standards to justify a potentially unqualified pick.