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In yet another odd segment from el Rushbo, he seems to turn completely on the conservative principles he advocated for decades and approves of Trump’s trillion dollar stimulus proposal.

He even compares it to the Hoover Dam and Panama Canal!!

Listen below:

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Rush even reminds people that Trump is not a conservative, and that he’s going to do things that don’t “sound” conservative. Like toss money into a trillion dollar stimulus spending bill. But this really makes you wonder – what other conservative values is Rush willing to throw under the Trump limousine as long as they “work”?

But the funniest part is how he compares it to Hoover Dam. I seem to remember conservatives mocked that sales pitch when Rachel Maddow made it for Obama’s stimulus:

[embedded content]

So, is Rush gonna make a video in front of the Hoover Dam saying we need to have a government that thinks big? And will Rachel Maddow embrace the big government spending that Trump advocates? If she doesn’t, isn’t she just being racist against orange-Americans?!?

All this and more, on the next episode of “As The Republican Burns”!!!

[h/t the Blaze]