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European Commission’s Financial Package For Turkish Cypriots Still Waiting For Council Of Europe’s Approval

The European Commissioner in Charge of Enlargement Gunter Verheugen has renewed his call for EU member counties to provide financial support for Turkish Cypriots and end their isolation.

Speaking on Turkish NTV channel on the last day of his visit to Turkey, Mr. Verheugen said that the view – expressed by all that Turkish Cypriots should financially be supported to remove the differences between the North and the South – should be put into action. 

Reminding that the European Commission had prepared a package with this aim, he explained that the package was still waiting at the Council of Europe for approval, but expressed the hope that discussions on the regulation were only technical.

`I want the EU countries to keep the promises they had made` he said, warning that reaction from Turkish Cypriots was very imminent in case of a failure to get the approval of the regulation.

Pointing to the possible reactions in case of a postponement of the regulation, Mr. Verhaugen said that no time should be wasted on the issue.

Noting that there was no change in the European Commission’s point of view towards Turkish Cypriots, he said that the Commission was ready to start preferential trade with Turkish Cypriots and help them to improve their economy.

Reminding that 259-million euros worth of financial aid has already been earmarked for the North, Mr. Verhaugen said that the money will be used by Turkish Cypriots in the coming three years.

But he added that no steps could be taken on the Free Trade Regulation and Assistance Regulation prepared by the European Commission until their approval.

Speaking at Ataturk Airport at the end of his five day visit to Turkey, Mr. Verheugen said that the EU’s Progress Report on Turkey will be announced on the 6th of October as planned and that it would be fair and unbiased.

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“Developed States Have Been Trying To Remove Turkey From Cyprus For A Long Time”

President Rauf Denktash has said that the Turkish Cypriot people were deceived, but, will continue to resist.

Speaking to a panel in Turkey yesterday on the telephone conversation, Mr. Denktash pointed to Turkey’s power in Cyprus and said that Turkey has a just position in law, but, developed states have been trying to remove Turkey from Cyprus for a long time.

Accusing these states of doing everything to divide the Turkish Cypriot people into camps, the President said the situation in Cyprus is now quite grave.

‘We are now in the waiting position on the Cyprus issue, but we should be vigilant as we are being deceived constantly’ he added.

Reminding that the Turkish Cypriot people had been told that the embargoes would be lifted, direct flights would be started and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus would be recognized if they said ‘YES’ at the referendum, Mr Denktash said these promises have not been kept and the Greek Cypriot side, who rejected the Annan plan, has not been punished.

Mr. Denktash stressed that the Turkish Cypriot people voted in favor of the Annan plan with sixty-five percent because of the promise that the TRNC would be recognized.

Referring to his oath that he would protect the statehood and sovereignty of the Turkish Cypriot people, the President said he is continuing to defend his position by rejecting any agreement abandoning the state and sovereignty.

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The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Has Called On The International Community To Embrace The Turkish Cypriot People

Addressing a gathering of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation in the capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe, the Turkish Prime Minister said it is high time that the world establishes economic, cultural as well as trade relations with the Turkish Cypriot people.

Reminding that the Turkish Cypriot side approved a solution based on the Annan Plan while the Greek Cypriots rejected it, the Turkish Prime Minister said it is unfair for the Turkish Cypriot people to continue suffering because of the prevailing conditions on the island which they are absolutely not responsible for.

“Steps aimed at removing Turkish Cypriots’ international isolation must be taken without delay” he said.

Must-Try Dishes in Northern Cyprus

When we travel, we take a part of that place in our hearts forever. However, the traditional food of a place is a major bullet in one’s travelogue. The Northern Cyprus region is a treasure house of superior vegetables and fruits that present to the tongue a world of pleasure and to your health, a universe of benefits.

Such a typical element makes up a delicious cuisine called Molohiya. The dish, although Arabic in origin, has turned out to be a favorite among the Cyprus folks. The dish is named after its key ingredient-the Molohiya leaves. The green, spinach-like leaves are dried under the sun first. They add a savoring aroma to the chicken or meat they are combined with a tint of garlic and onions give it a tangy twist. Now, the fact is that all ingredients in this dish add huge benefits to our health. The elements have in them all S what speeds up metabolism. Molohiya leaves to speed up metabolism and maintain circulation in the body. They have immense advantages, few of which are listed:
– They help replenish dry skin by increasing metabolism in epithelial tissues of the outer skin.
– They give you a lustrous, soft and smooth skin after you add them to your daily diet.
– They are agents that prevent aging.
– They work as anti-aging elements because of vitamins A 8, E present in them. The basal metabolism is speeded up again even if you are aged and wrinkles are gone! Vitamin B1 in Molohiya revitalizes the skin as they increase the rate of blood circulation to the skin, again the metabolism is at rocket-speed!
The eye-sight is enhanced and protected by the vitamin A in Molohiya.
Molohiya even reduces the chances of diabetes.

A fan of kebabs? Well, Northern Cyprus has the perfect gourmet for you. Kup Kebap is a traditional cuisine made of Iamb, local potatoes, and laurel leaves. the leaves add a mouth-watering flavor to the recipe while adding an additional topping of health. Laurel leaves are also known as Bay leaves, the leaf is again, what speeds up metabolism. Its benefits go as follows:
– Laurel leaves, with their metabolism increasing property, are efficient controllers of diabetes.
– By equalizing blood pressure, they reduce adverse effects of stress and anxiety.
– Also being an anti-oxidant, chaste bay leaves are capable of curing cancer. Health is maintained especially in the heart as Rutin present in the leaves makes the capillary walls of the heart strong.

This article brings forth the blessings of Cyprus cuisines, howsoever; almost all of them need meat. But if you are a vegan, you need not worry. The most pioneering Cyprus appetizer, Tzatziki is pure vegetarian. Tzatziki is of Greek origin, having the goodness of yogurt, cucumber, garlic, olive oil and fresh dill.
Now, Dill has the SCImetabolism capability’ in itself too, few of which are:
– The abundance of vitamins A 8, C, important minerals like iron and manganese.
– Due to regular and speedy metabolism rate offered by Dill, there is no indigestion or stomach ache just like walgreens garcinia cambogia.
– Bones are strong and calcium retentive.
– Dill is an anti-insomnia agent, it relaxes nerves and promotes sleep.

So, if you are in search of healthy gift ideas that speeds up metabolism and brings to you a pleasure of healthy life than you ought to try these Must-try dishes of Northern Cyprus.