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Top 7 Tourist Destinations in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is estimated to cover about a third of Cyprus Island. Cyprus is known for its great tourism activities, with North Cyprus being one of the places on the island where tourists love exploring.

A survey conducted in 2019 showed that approximately 3.976 million tourists visited Cyprus in 2019. The tourism sector in North Cypress reported an increase in tourists in 2019, with most tourists visiting from Germany and France, recording a 25% increase.

The number of tourists from Canada and the USA increased by about 10% and 20% respectively, in the same year. The year 2019 recorded a significant increase in the number of tourists, with the number of tourists from Finland shooting up by 50%.

Whichever destination you choose to visit, it’s important to stay safe. Find out how to secure your luggage and personal information safe when traveling to North Cyprus.

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The following are the top seven tourist destinations in North Cyprus:

  • Bellapais Abbey
  • Salamis Ruins
  • St. Hilarion Castle
  • Alagadi Turtle Beach
  • Karpaz Peninsula
  • Famagusta Town
  • Kantara Castle

Bellapais Abbey

The name Bellapais Abbey is a French name that means “the abbey of beautiful peace.” This is a structure that dates back to the 13th century, and it represents the rich history of the people of Cyprus. The structure is situated near Kyrenia City in North Cyprus.

The place is full of the rich culture of Cyprus people, and it is often flocked by eager tourists who would want to step foot on the serene, majestic site.

From the Abbey, you can have a beautiful view of the sea. The place also has a restaurant, a café, and a museum, and it plays host to a local music festival.

Salamis Ruins

The Salamis Ruins are the remains of an ancient Greek city, and it’s situated north of Famagusta. There are historical statues and pillars worth seeing. And from this place, you’re guaranteed one of the ocean’s best views.

Most people pay a visit to the Salamis Ruins during summer because it is a beautiful place that anyone would love to visit.

St. Hilarion Castle

Situated on the Kyrenia Mountains, St. Hilarion Castle is a magnificent historic castle in North Cyprus. The castle dates back to over 800 years ago. The Byzantines used it as a defense structure, and it’s believed that they started building the stricture in the 11th century.

However, the Venetians dismantled the structure around the 15th century, and that’s what remains to date.

The castle is located at a strategic location where you can enjoy a good view of the beautiful island, and explore its rich history. You can enjoy panoramic views of the sea, Kyrenia, and the eye-catching mountain ranges from the castle.

Alagadi Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is obviously the place you would not like to fail visiting if you happen to be in North Cyprus. The beach has two bays; one has lesser population, is quieter, and the best place for those who would like to have some alone time, far from crowds.

The other bay is visited by many locals and tourists looking for catering services because it has a restaurant.

The Alagadi Turtle Beach is a naturally beautiful place, more so in summer when many turtles’ eggs hatch and their young ones flock the sea. The scene provided by the many young turtles swimming in the sea is one-in-a-million, something you need to witness.

The beach also has impressive rock pools, fantastic sunbathing spots, and magnificent waters.

Karpaz Peninsula

Whether you’re interested in history or just a visitor who wants to see places, you do not want to miss visiting the Karpaz Peninsula. It’s a must-visit when visiting North Cyprus for business or vacation.

The Karpaz is a long stretch of land that is full of tourist attraction sites. There are beautiful beaches and rich historical sites. What makes it stand out is its sparse population, meaning it vastly spacious.

The peninsula has the Golden beach, known for its clear seas and white dunes. It is also home to Apostolos Andreas Monastery, where you can get a lot of information on the local history.

This place has restaurants with fresh foods. It is relaxed and beautiful, making it one of the best tourist destinations locally.

Famagusta Town

This is a wonderful small town where you can spend time wandering about, when the weather is friendly. This small town has lots of ruins and sights that are worth your time.

Taking a walk through the old walled city is amazing, and you will be able to witness the Lala Mustafa Paşa Mosque that was initially a church, giving it a rich history.

Kantara Castle

North Cyprus, and Cyprus as a whole, is known for its numerous castles and rich history. Kantara Castle is found in Trikomo. Due to its hidden nature, most tourists don’t know about it, but it is another amazing destination.

The castle is full of history, but mostly, it was left to religious pilgrims and locals. It is another castle that was erected during the Byzantine period, and its location atop a hill gives it a perfect scene.


There are several magnificent places to visit in North Cyprus, making it a must-go-to place in Cyprus.

Some of the things that make this part of the world the best in tourism include its friendly people, delicious food, rich history, culture, multiple beautiful beaches, and the weather.

6 Healthy Snacks to Eat While Visiting North Cyprus for a Vacation or Business

Are you going on a vacation but worried about gaining weight?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

A vacation is a time to try out all kinds of foods and delicacies, especially when traveling to a destination far from your home.

If you’re conscious about your weight and cautious about gaining excess calories when traveling, opt for healthy snacks. Despite having a bad image, snacking is a healthy habit and an important part of your diet.

You can snack when exercising or anytime in the day to keep yourself energized. It controls your hunger to ensure you don’t overeat at mealtime.


What makes a snack healthy?

Check the Nutrition Facts label of your snack for added sugars and serving sizes. What’s the recommended portion size?

Focus on the portion size to ensure you don’t eat more than what’s recommended. Take the right snack portion out of the bag and keep the package away before you begin snacking.

If a snack has sugar listed among the top ingredients, avoid it. Although nuts are healthy, take them in small portions to avoid consuming excess calories.

Consider the following factors:

  • Eat the correct portion size of your snack
  • Choose foods low in sugar and added fat, but rich in water and fiber
  • Include fruits, veggies, low-fat dairy, and whole-grain snacks
  • Eat foods and drinks with added sugar in limited amounts
  • Opt for fresh fruit instead of fruit-flavored drinks; avoids drinks and foods with corn syrup or sugar as ingredients.
  • Pair carbs with proteins to stay full for longer; for instance, whole wheat cracks with peanut butter, apple with string cheese, fresh fruit with plain yogurt, or hummus and carrots.

When visiting North Cyrus for a vacation, snacking will effectively add more nutrients to your diet. Based on the findings of a study published in “The Nutrition Journal,” in 2010, 97% of Americans eat snacks, with 25% of their calories coming from snacking.

Snacks are a rich source of calories, hence the need to opt for healthy snacking options. Some benefits of snacking include:

  • It prevents overeating
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • Offers nutrients

Here’re a few snacks to keep you healthy on your next vacation to North Cyprus:

Top 6 Healthy Snacks to Eat When Going for Your Next Vacation

  1. Granola bars

A granola bar often comprises a combination of oats, nuts, dried fruits, and seeds, among other healthy food items. Some brands add candy, fat, sugar, or chocolate pieces.

Prepare your own granola mix or choose a favorite brand of snack bars.

  1. Yogurt

Cows don’t make hot pink, purple, or blue-colored milk or yogurt. Neon yogurts are loaded with preservatives, additives, and sugars such as corn syrup rich in fructose. These elements aren’t healthy for you.

Instead, you need proteins and calcium found in healthy dairy products. Opt for low-fat, fat-free, natural or Greek yogurt to snack on.

  1. A combination of meat and crackers

Although these combos are a favorite for kids, adults love them just as much. Packaged combos for lunch may contain excess fat and salt, including preservatives and other additives.

You can prepare your own meat and crackers lunch combo. Buy cheddar or Swiss cheese, rye crackers or whole-wheat, and ham or turkey low in sodium (or leftovers) and pack them in Tupperware that resembles a compartment.

Making your own lunch combo will save you money and give you control over your ingredients.

  1. Low carb keto protein powder and low-carb bars

The best keto protein powder is low in carbs to reduce your calorie intake. Opt for it if you want to increase energy when vacationing without adding weight.

On the other hand, if you want to improve cognitive function with minimal calorie-intake, opt for low-carb bars to snack on.

  1. Fruits and fresh juice

Fruit snacks are chewy and contain artificial and natural flavors. They also usually contain corn syrup. Vitamin C is another important ingredient used to make fruit snacks.

However, fresh fruits are healthy, atop helping brush your teeth. They’re juicy, tasty and rich in vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants.

Iced tea, lemonade, and other juice drinks sold off retail shops are loaded with sugar, calories, preservatives, and additives. Opt for 100% fruit juice to avoid consuming excess calories and harmful chemicals.

Let your kids take at least 4 ounces of fresh juice daily while you can aim for a minimum of 8 ounces. The following fresh fruits are rich in natural vitamin C:

  • Citrus fruits such as lemons, tangerines, and oranges
  • Kiwi
  • Apples
  • Strawberries
  • Veggies such as tomatoes, bell peppers, and potatoes
  1. Vegetable chips

Processed or fried vegetables aren’t healthy. This is attributed to the fact that different food processing techniques and heat kill vitamins and nutrients during cooking.

Pack a single serving of almost 15 chips for short-time snacking. However, the snacks must never be substituted for real veggies.

5 Must-Do Activities While in the Republic of Cyprus

Are you planning to visit the Republic of Cyprus for the first time? This is a must-read article for you. At the end of it, you will get to understand what you must do before you live this adventurous Republic. Before that, let us first look at the location of this Republic.

The Republic of Cyprus is a small island country located on the Eastern Side of the Mediterranean. It is one country that experiences the distinct seasons of the world.

 In your visit to this Republic, there are activities that you must undertake to make the adventure memorable. They include both outdoor and indoor activities. The terrain and the coastal location of the country give it an upper hand as the best tourist destination.

This is one country with diversity when it comes to tourist destination centers. The security they accord both their citizens and non-citizens is top-notch. Moreover, you need no annual contracts to stay in any of the hotel rooms or an apartment. Whether you are a nature lover or lover of aquatic life or just obsessed with fashion, you will have an activity that will make your visit memorable.

Have a look at the must-do activities while in this Republic

1. Ecotour Adventures

Apart from the indented coastline, when looking for a change of sight, then it is time to go for an ecotour adventure.  It is a company renowned for its tour and travel within the country.

Their diversity in the transport system gives you options on whether you want to use the tour bus or private vans or walk or fly over the nature trail, among others.

The Troodos Mountains is the place to be. The forest drive gives you a unique experience to admire the diversity of flora and fauna. The country takes pride. The small waterfall in the forest with the Venetian Bridges is a sight you can never forget.

2. Diving

In case you are an experienced diver, then it is time to portray your skills in Cyprus. The Poseidon dive center is the perfect place to learn and practice your diving skills. The advantage of this center is the fact that they have classes for beginners who want to learn all about scuba diving.

There is no need for admiring the aquatic life from the media channels. It is time to have a real-time experience with them underwater. The 18-year-old center boats of producing renowned scuba divers.

Moreover, the certified training center gives you all the necessary diving skills for any waters. The warm water of Eastern Cyprus is a perfect place to visit to understand what it takes to become a renowned scuba diver.

3. Take a culture trip

The Republic of Cyprus has a unique culture recognized by UNESCO. The history of civilization began in the Mediterranean, which is the heart of the Cyprus republic. There is no way you can visit this place and fail to get to see the monarchies churches, archaeological sites, and the old military camps. The best areas to take the culture trip include

  • Baths of Aphrodite
  • Paphos Castle
  • Kolossi Castle
  • Kourion Theatre

Do you know that these are places where international students who take cultural studies at a higher level are advised to visit or read as case studies? Never worry about meals. Just try out their dishes and experience the difference.

4. Sightseeing

Are you having a limited time in the Republic, and you want to get the best out of it? If yes, then opt for a sightseeing mission. It is a fun and enjoyable activity, whether it is during the day or night.

 When you visit around midyear, then you will enjoy the warm summers and spring. The coastal feature provides a perfect outdoor activity to see marine life habitat. The mountains give you a touch of adventure, the beautiful colored flowers, and diversity in animals making the trip unforgettable.

 Archaeological sites give you a sense of tradition and culture that you might have forgotten now that we are in the digital age.

5. Cruise expedition

In case time and money are not a limiting factor, then you can jet in using a plane and depart using a cruise ship. How about that? It is one experience that you will never forget in your lifetime.

The sites you visit along the coastline as you go to your destination is fantastic. You can be under the sea for months. The cruise ships have the best hospitality top-rated by UNESCO. You cannot visit this part of the world and fail to engage in any of the activities. As you plan your trip, factor in your budget, any of these activities using a reliable tour and travel agency for the best deals.

The Presidents Of Cyprus

Cyprus is a country on the Island of the Eastern Mediterranean. It is the third renowned Island in the South of Turkey. It borders Syria on the West and Lebanon on the North West. On the South East is Greece while on the North is Egypt. It is a town that is known since the archaeological era but we will focus on its politics after independence in 1960. It was colonized by the United Kingdom with its official language Turkish and Greek. Its ethnic groups include Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, and Armenians. It is a country that has a full presidential system. The Presidents of Cyprus since independence are ten in number.

Its main way of legislation…

is of the House of Representatives. The first president after independence was Arch Bishop Makarios III who lived for 64 years. He was elected under the Independent party on 16th August 1960. He ruled for 14 years. The second president after Makarios III was Nikos Sampson who lived for 66 years. He was elected on 15th July 1974 for a year under the progressive Front party. The United Democratic Party now took over the presidency as the third president on 23rd July 19 74 for just six months in an acting capacity after a civil war that overthrew the second [resident. At this point, the citizens felt that the first president was more reliable and he was elected back on the throne on 7th December 1974 under the independent party. After which the fifth president took over under the Democratic party.

Spyros Kyprianou served for…

11 years until 28th February 1988 where the sixth president George Vassiliou took over for the next five years under independent party but with the support of the Progressive Party of the working people. The democratic rally party was not left out in the leadership and got the share of the cake as Glafcos Clerides took over. He served for 10 years. The Democratic party also supported by the Progressive party f the working people now was the ruling party under President Tassos Papadopoulos for five years as the eighth president. The progressive party of working people now thought it was time to field their own candidate rather than supporting one who took the mantle and ever took care of the interest.

This was the birth of Demetris Christofias as the ninth president of the Cyprus Island. He only wants for a term and the Democratic rally party now took over as the current president under Nicos Anastasiades whose term ends in 2023 on the 28th of February. It is evident that this is a multi-party system and the politics of the country is so complex that for you to go for two terms then you need to have a lot of support and a vigorous campaign is needed. Each term takes five years. The president rules both the state and the government hence making the allocation of resources to be done by the central government. The states are headed by governors as well as administrators of British Cyprus.

What is Cyprus’ Best Electric Heater During the Winter Season?

It is that time of the year that you need to be indoor since almost all offices and schools close due to winter season. This is the time that the manufacturers of electric heaters make a kill to replace the broken heaters as well as furnish home with others to beat the cold weather. Countries in the tropical regions also a record-high number of tourists from the west who tend to go for holidays to enjoy the sun around the equatorial regions. What you should worry about when you leave in Cyprus of whether the electric heater of choice is something that will serve you. With all these scenarios, if you choose to stay indoors then you need an electric heater during winter season.

What are some of the features that you need to look at for the best electric heater?


You need an electric heater that will not cause harm to your children especially when you have toddlers. Moreover, you also need the heater for the cold season. You may be short of space in your home but you must have space for the heater too. There are many options when it comes to an electric heater. Get a small and portable heater that will not jeopardize your navigation within the home.

Energy efficiency

Who wants to spend on power bills simply because you have an electric heater yet you have options of energy-efficient ones? This is what you need to look for when going to purchase an electric heater. Some heaters are meant for commercial premises, these use a lot of energy. Do you need this for your home? Unless you want to warm the whole village. These are some of the minor details that you need to look at before you make a choice on the best electric heater as far are energy consumption is concerned.


Get a simple and user-friendly electric heater. There is no need of purchasing a heater that you have to go to the manual and web all the time to get its functionality. The digital ones have an LCD which gives you a step to step guide on what you need to do including when there are errors when it comes to the use of the heater.


You do not need to purchase an electric heater every winter season. Why go through all that hassle. Just get online reviews on the best heaters based on real-time experiences to get the best choice when it comes to the durability of the home appliance.


Everyone needs to save money as much as possible without compromising on quality. This is what manufacturers also strive to achieve at all levels of their production.


Who wants to have an ugly appliance in the home? Design goes with color, get an electric heater with a color that blends with the color theme of the living room such that even the guests appreciate your professionalism when it comes to the choice of color.

Look at all these features and do a due diligence of the electric heater of choice to make the best decision.

European Commission’s Financial Package For Turkish Cypriots Still Waiting For Council Of Europe’s Approval

The European Commissioner in Charge of Enlargement Gunter Verheugen has renewed his call for EU member counties to provide financial support for Turkish Cypriots and end their isolation.

Speaking on Turkish NTV channel on the last day of his visit to Turkey, Mr. Verheugen said that the view – expressed by all that Turkish Cypriots should financially be supported to remove the differences between the North and the South – should be put into action. 

Reminding that the European Commission had prepared a package with this aim, he explained that the package was still waiting at the Council of Europe for approval, but expressed the hope that discussions on the regulation were only technical.

`I want the EU countries to keep the promises they had made` he said, warning that reaction from Turkish Cypriots was very imminent in case of a failure to get the approval of the regulation.

Pointing to the possible reactions in case of a postponement of the regulation, Mr. Verhaugen said that no time should be wasted on the issue.

Noting that there was no change in the European Commission’s point of view towards Turkish Cypriots, he said that the Commission was ready to start preferential trade with Turkish Cypriots and help them to improve their economy.

Reminding that 259-million euros worth of financial aid has already been earmarked for the North, Mr. Verhaugen said that the money will be used by Turkish Cypriots in the coming three years.

But he added that no steps could be taken on the Free Trade Regulation and Assistance Regulation prepared by the European Commission until their approval.

Speaking at Ataturk Airport at the end of his five day visit to Turkey, Mr. Verheugen said that the EU’s Progress Report on Turkey will be announced on the 6th of October as planned and that it would be fair and unbiased.

This News Bulletin Is Taken From BRT

“Developed States Have Been Trying To Remove Turkey From Cyprus For A Long Time”

President Rauf Denktash has said that the Turkish Cypriot people were deceived, but, will continue to resist.

Speaking to a panel in Turkey yesterday on the telephone conversation, Mr. Denktash pointed to Turkey’s power in Cyprus and said that Turkey has a just position in law, but, developed states have been trying to remove Turkey from Cyprus for a long time.

Accusing these states of doing everything to divide the Turkish Cypriot people into camps, the President said the situation in Cyprus is now quite grave.

‘We are now in the waiting position on the Cyprus issue, but we should be vigilant as we are being deceived constantly’ he added.

Reminding that the Turkish Cypriot people had been told that the embargoes would be lifted, direct flights would be started and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus would be recognized if they said ‘YES’ at the referendum, Mr Denktash said these promises have not been kept and the Greek Cypriot side, who rejected the Annan plan, has not been punished.

Mr. Denktash stressed that the Turkish Cypriot people voted in favor of the Annan plan with sixty-five percent because of the promise that the TRNC would be recognized.

Referring to his oath that he would protect the statehood and sovereignty of the Turkish Cypriot people, the President said he is continuing to defend his position by rejecting any agreement abandoning the state and sovereignty.

This News Bulletin is taken from BRTK

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Has Called On The International Community To Embrace The Turkish Cypriot People

Addressing a gathering of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation in the capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe, the Turkish Prime Minister said it is high time that the world establishes economic, cultural as well as trade relations with the Turkish Cypriot people.

Reminding that the Turkish Cypriot side approved a solution based on the Annan Plan while the Greek Cypriots rejected it, the Turkish Prime Minister said it is unfair for the Turkish Cypriot people to continue suffering because of the prevailing conditions on the island which they are absolutely not responsible for.

“Steps aimed at removing Turkish Cypriots’ international isolation must be taken without delay” he said.

Must-Try Dishes in Northern Cyprus

When we travel, we take a part of that place in our hearts forever. However, the traditional food of a place is a major bullet in one’s travelogue. The Northern Cyprus region is a treasure house of superior vegetables and fruits that present to the tongue a world of pleasure and to your health, a universe of benefits.

Such a typical element makes up a delicious cuisine called Molohiya. The dish, although Arabic in origin, has turned out to be a favorite among the Cyprus folks. The dish is named after its key ingredient-the Molohiya leaves. The green, spinach-like leaves are dried under the sun first. They add a savoring aroma to the chicken or meat they are combined with a tint of garlic and onions give it a tangy twist. Now, the fact is that all ingredients in this dish add huge benefits to our health. The elements have in them all S what speeds up metabolism. Molohiya leaves to speed up metabolism and maintain circulation in the body. They have immense advantages, few of which are listed:
– They help replenish dry skin by increasing metabolism in epithelial tissues of the outer skin.
– They give you a lustrous, soft and smooth skin after you add them to your daily diet.
– They are agents that prevent aging.
– They work as anti-aging elements because of vitamins A 8, E present in them. The basal metabolism is speeded up again even if you are aged and wrinkles are gone! Vitamin B1 in Molohiya revitalizes the skin as they increase the rate of blood circulation to the skin, again the metabolism is at rocket-speed!
The eye-sight is enhanced and protected by the vitamin A in Molohiya.
Molohiya even reduces the chances of diabetes.

A fan of kebabs? Well, Northern Cyprus has the perfect gourmet for you. Kup Kebap is a traditional cuisine made of Iamb, local potatoes, and laurel leaves. the leaves add a mouth-watering flavor to the recipe while adding an additional topping of health. Laurel leaves are also known as Bay leaves, the leaf is again, what speeds up metabolism. Its benefits go as follows:
– Laurel leaves, with their metabolism increasing property, are efficient controllers of diabetes.
– By equalizing blood pressure, they reduce adverse effects of stress and anxiety.
– Also being an anti-oxidant, chaste bay leaves are capable of curing cancer. Health is maintained especially in the heart as Rutin present in the leaves makes the capillary walls of the heart strong.

This article brings forth the blessings of Cyprus cuisines, howsoever; almost all of them need meat. But if you are a vegan, you need not worry. The most pioneering Cyprus appetizer, Tzatziki is pure vegetarian. Tzatziki is of Greek origin, having the goodness of yogurt, cucumber, garlic, olive oil and fresh dill.
Now, Dill has the SCImetabolism capability’ in itself too, few of which are:
– The abundance of vitamins A 8, C, important minerals like iron and manganese.
– Due to regular and speedy metabolism rate offered by Dill, there is no indigestion or stomach ache just like walgreens garcinia cambogia.
– Bones are strong and calcium retentive.
– Dill is an anti-insomnia agent, it relaxes nerves and promotes sleep.

So, if you are in search of healthy gift ideas that speeds up metabolism and brings to you a pleasure of healthy life than you ought to try these Must-try dishes of Northern Cyprus.