Are you planning to visit the Republic of Cyprus for the first time? This is a must-read article for you. At the end of it, you will get to understand what you must do before you live this adventurous Republic. Before that, let us first look at the location of this Republic.

The Republic of Cyprus is a small island country located on the Eastern Side of the Mediterranean. It is one country that experiences the distinct seasons of the world.

 In your visit to this Republic, there are activities that you must undertake to make the adventure memorable. They include both outdoor and indoor activities. The terrain and the coastal location of the country give it an upper hand as the best tourist destination.

This is one country with diversity when it comes to tourist destination centers. The security they accord both their citizens and non-citizens is top-notch. Moreover, you need no annual contracts to stay in any of the hotel rooms or an apartment. Whether you are a nature lover or lover of aquatic life or just obsessed with fashion, you will have an activity that will make your visit memorable.

Have a look at the must-do activities while in this Republic

1. Ecotour Adventures

Apart from the indented coastline, when looking for a change of sight, then it is time to go for an ecotour adventure.  It is a company renowned for its tour and travel within the country.

Their diversity in the transport system gives you options on whether you want to use the tour bus or private vans or walk or fly over the nature trail, among others.

The Troodos Mountains is the place to be. The forest drive gives you a unique experience to admire the diversity of flora and fauna. The country takes pride. The small waterfall in the forest with the Venetian Bridges is a sight you can never forget.

2. Diving

In case you are an experienced diver, then it is time to portray your skills in Cyprus. The Poseidon dive center is the perfect place to learn and practice your diving skills. The advantage of this center is the fact that they have classes for beginners who want to learn all about scuba diving.

There is no need for admiring the aquatic life from the media channels. It is time to have a real-time experience with them underwater. The 18-year-old center boats of producing renowned scuba divers.

Moreover, the certified training center gives you all the necessary diving skills for any waters. The warm water of Eastern Cyprus is a perfect place to visit to understand what it takes to become a renowned scuba diver.

3. Take a culture trip

The Republic of Cyprus has a unique culture recognized by UNESCO. The history of civilization began in the Mediterranean, which is the heart of the Cyprus republic. There is no way you can visit this place and fail to get to see the monarchies churches, archaeological sites, and the old military camps. The best areas to take the culture trip include

  • Baths of Aphrodite
  • Paphos Castle
  • Kolossi Castle
  • Kourion Theatre

Do you know that these are places where international students who take cultural studies at a higher level are advised to visit or read as case studies? Never worry about meals. Just try out their dishes and experience the difference.

4. Sightseeing

Are you having a limited time in the Republic, and you want to get the best out of it? If yes, then opt for a sightseeing mission. It is a fun and enjoyable activity, whether it is during the day or night.

 When you visit around midyear, then you will enjoy the warm summers and spring. The coastal feature provides a perfect outdoor activity to see marine life habitat. The mountains give you a touch of adventure, the beautiful colored flowers, and diversity in animals making the trip unforgettable.

 Archaeological sites give you a sense of tradition and culture that you might have forgotten now that we are in the digital age.

5. Cruise expedition

In case time and money are not a limiting factor, then you can jet in using a plane and depart using a cruise ship. How about that? It is one experience that you will never forget in your lifetime.

The sites you visit along the coastline as you go to your destination is fantastic. You can be under the sea for months. The cruise ships have the best hospitality top-rated by UNESCO. You cannot visit this part of the world and fail to engage in any of the activities. As you plan your trip, factor in your budget, any of these activities using a reliable tour and travel agency for the best deals.