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Strategically lying in the Eastern Mediterranean is Cyprus, a small country that serves as a haven to a little more than a million people. However, with lofty attractions bringing in as many as four million tourists annually around the globe. With such massive attention garnered by this European vacation spot, traveling to Cyprus for a good time requires a guide to make the most of your holiday.

TRNC Presidency is your go-to itinerary to hold you by the hand and navigate you through the island country of Cyprus without difficulty or dilemmas.

You’ll find helpful tips to have successful tours in Cyprus, eye-opening interviews with past diverse travelers of this destination, and nitty-gritty details to budget your Cyprus trip.

Our unique travel guide will help you travel better for less cash and show you both pictorial representations and descriptions of restaurants, hotels, museums, archaeological sites, parks, and stadiums that’ll arc Cyprus in your heart.

At trncpresidency.org you’ll discover what it’s like to feel the ancient and current charm of Cyprus before making your way into the Island.