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Baths of Aphrodite

Nissi Beach

Prepare to tour the Akamas Natural Reserve Park to behold the famous mythological spot Baths of Aphrodite. A visit to the park exposes tourists to the indigenous plants of Cyprus nestled in the botanical garden located before the pool where the goddess of love, Aphrodite, met her true love, Adonis.

Baths of Aphrodite lies within a cave, surrounded by old fig tree and greenery where the waterfall flows freely for Aphrodite to have her soothing bathes during the third century BC.

It’s believed that the turquoise waters in the pool have the power to extend the youth and beauty of swimmers. However, you can’t get into the water.

It’s no minor loss vacating in Cyprus without visiting the 500m long Nissi Beach – the best of its kind with a prestigious certification in honor of the clear water.

Nearby is the elegant islet of Nissi walkable by visitors. Nissi Beach is an excellent spot for clubbers who love to party hard with wild, loud music and some snacks.

Windsurfing, water-skiing, volleyball game are some of the activities that make summertime in Nissi Beach worthwhile.

Caledonia Waterfalls


Love waterfalls? The Caledonia Waterfalls is a delicious one to dash into confidently. Plunging vertically from an elevation of 12 meters and shrouded by wildflowers, this waterfall leaves you in awe of nature. Moreover, Caledonia waterfalls are the longest you’ll ever find on the Mediterranean island. It’s one of the favorite destinations for hikers and their dogs when they come around.

To get an air of ancient times, make your way to Kourion – an old city in Cyprus with archaeological remains of the town and other notable features of the acropolis. Such features include the Temple of Apollo, Theatre of Kourion, Amathus Gate Cemetery, and the Earthquake House.

Other notable elements in Kourion are remarkable mosaics found in the House of the Gladiators and the House of Achilles. By heading to these exciting destinations, vast memorable moments are what we promise you.