Summer Vacation Ideas: Cyprus

Date Publish: August 4, 2021

If you are looking for a hot and sunny place to spend your summer vacation, then Cyprus might be the right choice for you. This country has many hobbies, and things to do that will keep you busy during your stay. Whether it is exploring ancient ruins or tasting some of the local cuisines, there is something in this destination that will appeal to every type of traveler!

The beaches are some of the bests in the world

What is your favorite type of beach? Do you prefer to relax on the sand or take a dip in the ocean waves? Whether it’s a relaxing day at the park, an impromptu picnic by the water, or time with friends on the coast, there are many ways to enjoy summer.
Cyprus beaches are some of the bests in the world. Golden sands and crystal-clear waters make for a perfect getaway when you need to escape from life’s stresses.

Nowadays, people often find that they’re unable to take time out at work or home just because it isn’t always available; but with Cyprus as an option, there is no excuse not to go on vacation!
From water activities like surfing, scuba diving, windsurfing, jet ski, and many more to all you can do in the sand like beach volleyball, sunbathing, creating sandcastles. You can even bring along a metal detector and embark on treasure hunting. This is an exciting way to find buried treasures.

Consider hanging out at the clubhouse on the beach and relax with your drinks. You can also enjoy yourself by playing pool, especially if there are Olhausen’s high-quality pool tables. That way, you’ll have an excellent game experience.

You can visit ancient ruins and other historical landmarks in Cyprus.

Cyprus is an ancient island with many historical landmarks. You can explore the ruins of a medieval castle in Nicosia or visit remnants from its time as capital to the Roman Empire’s eastern provinces and see where Christianity spread throughout Europe for centuries before Arab invaders suppressed it, yet still lingers on today despite being banned until just last year.

Cyprus has been one place that has seen more than most; spanning over two thousand years, this small country endured invasions by Arabs then Turks followed closely behind both times, but they haven’t let their history get swept away into obscurity because there are too many fascinating things about Cyprus’ past to be forgotten including some remarkable archaeological findings like mosaics depicting scenes such as Noah’s Ark and Hercules fighting the Nemean Lion.

If you’re looking for a unique place to explore, then Cyprus is the perfect location.

Cyprus is a great place to learn about different cultures since it has a diverse population.

The country has a history that spans back over three thousand years, and the people there are proud of their heritage. The island is about four times as large as Rhode Island but only has just under two million citizens. There are many different cultures found in Cyprus.

The Greek Cypriots live on the southern side of the island and are primarily Orthodox Christians. The Turkish Cypriot community all lives north of a demarcation line drawn by Britain in 1960 called the Green Line. There is an Arab Muslim population, which makes up about 12% of Cyprus’s total population.

Cyprus has long been considered a place of cultural interest due to its diverse population. From the many archaeological sites, such as Paphos Archaeological Site or Curium, to an array of different cuisines served in restaurants throughout the country, there is something for everyone here!

There are plenty of opportunities for hiking and exploring nature with its beautiful landscape and rich flora and fauna.

  • On the Green Line, there are many hiking trails in Paphos and Polis Chrysochous. You can also visit historical sites such as Roman settlements, churches, or monasteries in both cities.
  • The Troodos Mountains offer great hikes for those who enjoy a challenge with its rugged terrain of forested areas, gorges, and waterfalls.
  • The Akamas Peninsula offers various hiking trails for those who enjoy nature with its beautiful sea views and lush vegetation.
  • There are great opportunities to go birdwatching in areas such as Cape Greco National Park or Marathasa Valley in the south.
  • For those seeking a relaxing vacation, the south coast offers excellent beaches and resorts.


If you’re looking for a vacation destination this summer, Cyprus might be your best bet. A vacation in Cyprus is the perfect way to escape from your daily routine and experience a different culture. This Mediterranean island has all the benefits of sunshine and relaxation with a bonus – it’s also rich in history! Visit one of their many beaches, explore ancient ruins, or make it an active trip with hiking, biking, fishing, or kayaking. No matter what you do on your break this summer- we hope these ideas helped inspire some new adventures! To learn more about what makes Cyprus such an attractive option, visit our blog post on “Summer Vacation Ideas” today.