The Presidents Of Cyprus

Cyprus is a country on the Island of the Eastern Mediterranean. It is the third renowned Island in the South of Turkey. It borders Syria on the West and Lebanon on the North West. On the South East is Greece while on the North is Egypt. It is a town that is known since the archaeological era but we will focus on its politics after independence in 1960. It was colonized by the United Kingdom with its official language Turkish and Greek. Its ethnic groups include Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, and Armenians. It is a country that has a full presidential system. The Presidents of Cyprus since independence are ten in number.

Its main way of legislation…

is of the House of Representatives. The first president after independence was Arch Bishop Makarios III who lived for 64 years. He was elected under the Independent party on 16th August 1960. He ruled for 14 years. The second president after Makarios III was Nikos Sampson who lived for 66 years. He was elected on 15th July 1974 for a year under the progressive Front party. The United Democratic Party now took over the presidency as the third president on 23rd July 19 74 for just six months in an acting capacity after a civil war that overthrew the second [resident. At this point, the citizens felt that the first president was more reliable and he was elected back on the throne on 7th December 1974 under the independent party. After which the fifth president took over under the Democratic party.

Spyros Kyprianou served for…

11 years until 28th February 1988 where the sixth president George Vassiliou took over for the next five years under independent party but with the support of the Progressive Party of the working people. The democratic rally party was not left out in the leadership and got the share of the cake as Glafcos Clerides took over. He served for 10 years. The Democratic party also supported by the Progressive party f the working people now was the ruling party under President Tassos Papadopoulos for five years as the eighth president. The progressive party of working people now thought it was time to field their own candidate rather than supporting one who took the mantle and ever took care of the interest.

This was the birth of Demetris Christofias as the ninth president of the Cyprus Island. He only wants for a term and the Democratic rally party now took over as the current president under Nicos Anastasiades whose term ends in 2023 on the 28th of February. It is evident that this is a multi-party system and the politics of the country is so complex that for you to go for two terms then you need to have a lot of support and a vigorous campaign is needed. Each term takes five years. The president rules both the state and the government hence making the allocation of resources to be done by the central government. The states are headed by governors as well as administrators of British Cyprus.